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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Winter Warfest 2012

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Yes Winter Warfest is also running Warmachine & Hordes event this year.  This years event is being run by Press Ganger Kelvin Henderson (Juffo Wup) and will be at the Enoggera Bowls Club, Enoggera on the 14/15th of July 2012.

Day 1:
50 point Steamroller 2012.
1. 50 point army lists constructed as per instructions above
2. Rounds – upto 32 players = 5 rounds
3. Round timing – 100mins +/- d3x2 mins; 10min player turns
4. Scenarios – will be provided on the day

Day 2:
35 Point Highlander event with the following rules:
1. Up to two lists per player.
2. Scenarios: NON-Steamroller! Each table will have a different scenario that will be fixed on that table for the day.
3. Lists: Each list must use the following composition rules:
•One Warcaster / Warlock
•Up to one Unit (may include no more than one weapon attachment or UA)
•Up to one Solo

All selections are considered to have a FA of 1 (Warjacks/Warbeast included).

No character warjacks/beasts or character units (including UA's) are allowed unless they are part of a caster (eg: Scrapjack with Old Witch)
Character solos may be taken but cannot be duplicated across lists (as per SR2012 rules).
Character Units are not permitted.

Game Rules:

In the SR2012 format players can bring one or two lists, the second list is optional. All lists must be led by warcasters/warlocks from the same faction. Mercenary players can use different contracts or theme forces for their lists. Minion players can use different pacts or theme forces for their lists. Players cannot include the same version of a model or unit with FA:C in more than one list. The original and epic incarnation(s) of a character do not count as the same version of a model.

Players must bring two legible copies of all their army lists complete with point costs. Army list point totals cannot exceed the point size chosen for the game and cannot fall more than 2 points under the point size chosen for the event. Players must include all bonus warjack or warbeast points in their army lists. A 50-point Kaelyssa army, for example, must include 55 to 57 points of models.

SR2012 contains scenarios which use reinforcements. Reinforcements are additional points added to a player’s army list(s) that are only used in scenarios with the reinforcements complication. These points must be represented in a player’s army list(s) although reinforcements scenarios may not be played. Detailed rules are found in the complications section of the SR2012 pack

SR2012 allows all released Theme Forces to be used. Anyone using a theme force must have the Theme Force available for the TO’s reference (in order to verify the army list) and for the opponent’s reference (in order to view the Theme Force’s special rules). Permission is hereby granted to photocopy the Theme Forces section from the Forces of WARMACHINE and HORDES books as well as any theme forces appearing in No Quarter Magazine for personal, non-commercial use only and subject to the terms found within those original source materials.

Please direct any questions regarding the game to Kelvin Henderson (juffowup01@gmail.com).

Payment Options

Tickets are $25 for one day or $45 for both and be either paid via Paypal or Direct deposit.

One day ticket via Paypal
Two day ticket via Paypal

Direct Deposit into:
Commonwealth Bank
BSB:  064110
ACC:  10270860
Qoute: If one day ticket qoute WM, which day and name or just WM and your name for the 2 day ticket.

We look forward to seeing you there.